53 cm Danish Kähler HAK Floor Vase Amber Yellow Glaze, by Solveig and Lars Henrik Kähler, Signed SLHK, Mid-century Ceramic

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Unique vintage floor vase from the HAK (Herman August Kähler) workshop in Næstved, Denmark.

This vase is by Solveig and Lars Henrik Kähler and made ca. late 1960s or early 1970s.

It is made from stoneware and has an amber colored glaze on body and top rim contrasted by an unglazed rough neck.

It´s a heavy piece with a proud presence weighing almost 8 kg. 

Handmarked on bottom with Kähler Denmark and SLHK (for Solveig & Lars Henrik Kähler)

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Lars Henrik Kähler is the son of Nils Kähler and the 5th generation in the Kähler ceramic family. Solveig Kähler (1942 to 2000) was Lars Henrik´s wife.
For a short period from 1970 to 1971 the couple ran the HAK workshop with Lars Henrik as artistic leader. In 1974 the workshop closed. Lars Henrik Kähler is still active as a ceramist.


The vase is in a very good used condition
No chips, cracks or repairs.

height: 53 cm (20.87")
diameter: 16,7 cm (6.57")



NOTICE: This item cannot be shipped with another item except when shipped on a pallet.

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The ceramic workshop Kähler Keramikværksted was founded in 1839 and was a family workshop until 1974.
All the pottery is signed with "HAK" after the son of the founder Herman August Kähler. Nils Kähler is from the last generation before the pottery closed.
Today a new company produces pottery with the Kähler label but it´s not handmade in Denmark anymore.



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Weight 14 Kg
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